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The Ultimate Groomer Drag is designed to be pulled behind a tow unit to effectively groom snow trails. It comes in many sizes ranging 8’ wide to 12’6” wide in the base design that has a 20’ long snow processing area. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by building our snowmobile trail groomer drag with tilted side rails to create strength throughout the entire drag and we have additional 2” x 4” internal tubing that provide additional strength that many other manufacturers may not provide. We also have our cutting blades tilted back to create a smoother pull without the blade chatter of others – this theory is relative to the design of a grader blade. Lastly, the Ultimate Groomer Drag offers the hydraulically controlled ski to smooth out the ride of the drag and offer the ability to find and maintain your sweet spot throughout the grooming process. We offer many options to customize the Ultimate Groomer drag to meet customer’s needs.

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  • SKI DESIGN senses bottom of hills & bridge holes reducing bounce and blade chatter
  • Stiff Hitch w/ Rubber Puck to absorb shock
  • Blades angled & positioned for increased flow of snow, cutting of moguls & easier pulling
  • 5 Cutting Blades are Spring Loaded and have greaseable pivot points
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
  • 2″ x 4″ center construction, 4 center tubes
  • 2″ x 6″ cross members
  • Extra Bracing at critical points
  • Heavy Duty Cylinders
  • 3/8″ Thick Pan
  • Extended Sides to hold more snow
  • Road tires ( 225-75-R15) and Machined Axles with Greaseable Hubs
  • LED Strobe Light
  • Shotblasted, primed, and painted
  • Cylinder Stops
  • 1 year warranty (on workmanship)
Model Weight Width Length Length with Hitch
8′ 3300# 8′ 20′ 25’6″
8’6″ 3700# 8’6″ 20′ 25’6″
9’6″ 4600# 9’6″ 20′ 25’6″
10’6″ 5300# 10’6″ 20′ 25’6″
12’6″ 6800# 12’6″ 20′ 25’6″
8′ Model 8’6″ Model 9’6″ Model 10’6″ Model 12’6″ Model
Work Light
5th Wheel Hitch
Pizza Cutters
Adjustable Rear Guide Runners (2)
Adjustable Rear Guide Runners (3)
Adjustable Rear Guide Runners (4)
Hydraulic Wing
Wing Rubber Flap
Rubber Pan Flap
AR400 Pan ilo Standard
Heavy Duty Rear Axle w/ Tire with 8-bolt hub Tire (LT225-75-R16)
Manual Parking Stand ilo Ski
Hydraulic Parking Stand ilo Ski

*** Other options available upon request


When not building the Ultimate Groomer Drag our employees are manufacturing heavy duty snowplows, wings and underbody scrapers. Our Groomer Drags have additional 2”x 4” tubing that provide additional strength that many other manufacturers may not provide. Ultimate has extra bracing at critical points and additionally mounts plates at the connection sites.

Smooth Cutting

The design of the Ultimate Groomer Drag creates a user friendly and effective grooming experience. The laid-back angle of the 5 cutting edges provide a clean cut without jumping or chattering which may leave a compromised trail. The hydraulic ski has the ability to make “good operators” into “great operators” by finding the ideal grooming setting and then being able to relocate with ease after stiff hitching obstacles.

Fit & Finish

UTE is very proud of its fit and finish of the final product that we provide. We ensure that all equipment that leaves our manufacturing shop is the highest quality. All equipment is inspected and tested to ensure that it functions correctly once the customer receives it.

Groomer Drag Literature (.pdf)

What is the purpose of the large ski?

The ski is something that is unique to Ultimate, it is an added function that will enhance the functionality of the drag.  Like many other drags on the market, the Ultimate can use the stiff hitch to move the front of the drag up and down. The ski allows you to find the “sweet spot” when grooming and once you need to raise the front of the drag you can simply stiff hitch as needed and return to the same groomer position where the ski was set to maintain a consistent trail.

We have found that the addition of the ski to the Ultimate Junior has greatly diminished the amount of load on the tow vehicle as it distributes the weight of the drag and makes it easier to pull.

Why was this engineering design chosen for the Ultimate Groomer?

UTE highly values doing things well and correct the first time.  UTE identified and appreciated the strength and durability of the Ultimate Groomer Drag design.  Over the past 9 years of owning the product line we have made a few minor improvements and are proud of the durability and consistency that the drag provides during use.  The perimeter of the drag is constructed with 2” x 6” runners and all internal supports are built with 2” x 4” tubing. The drag attains its strength through it designed tilted rails which will create strength across the entire drag and will eliminate the drag from twisting and becoming compromised.   Ultimate also provides extra plating at points of connection to create extra strength during the rigorous process of grooming. The Ultimate also offers a standard adjustable stiff hitch with 3 settings to provide customers with ability to set the drag to their tow equipment.

What hook-up requirements are needed? How long does hook-up generally take?

In general, hook-up should only take 5-10 minutes.  A user needs a tow vehicle with live hydraulics that has three (3) selector control valves (SCV) to operate the wheels, stiff hitch & ski, a fourth ScV would be needed if ordering a hydraulic wing.  A pintle hitch would be needed and an electrical connection to run lights.


Blade Trip & Pizza Cutters

Snow Flow

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