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Ultimate Snow Groomer Drag

The Ultimate Groomer Drag is designed to be pulled behind a tow unit to effectively groom snow trails. It comes in many sizes ranging 8’ wide to 12’6” wide in the base design that has a 20’ long snow processing area. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by building our snowmobile trail groomer drag with tilted side rails to create strength throughout the entire drag and we have additional 2” x 4” internal tubing that provide additional strength that many other manufacturers may not provide. We also have our cutting blades tilted back to create a smoother pull without the blade chatter of others – this theory is relative to the design of a grader blade. Lastly, the Ultimate Groomer Drag offers the hydraulically controlled ski to smooth out the ride of the drag and offer the ability to find and maintain your sweet spot throughout the grooming process. We offer many options to customize the Ultimate Groomer drag to meet customer’s needs.

Please call (608) 539-4600 or contact us online for snowmobile & UTV trail groomer pricing and availability.